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Family of Freedom:

Presidents and African Americans in the White House

by Kenneth T. Walsh

This book examines the intertwined relationships between the presidents and the African Americans who have been an integral part of the White House since the beginning of the Republic. The book discusses the racial attitudes and policies of the presidents and shows how African Americans helped to shape those attitudes and policies over the years. The analysis starts with the early presidents who had slaves and tells the compelling stories of their interactions, with an emphasis on how these slaves dealt with bondage in the supposed citadel of American freedom and independence. The book moves through the era of Abraham Lincoln, whose views on emancipation were greatly influenced by the African Americans around him, especially by White House seamstress Elizabeth Keckley and valet William Slade. The book covers the Jim Crow era and proceeds through the political and cultural breakthroughs on civil rights accomplished by Lyndon Johnson in partnership with the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. The book ends with an insightful analysis of the rise, election, and administration of Barack Obama, the first African American president, including an exclusive interview with Obama.

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Paradigm Publishers

Available in hardcover, ISBN: 978-1-59451-833-1

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From Mount Vernon to Crawford:

A History of the Presidents and Their Retreats

by Kenneth T. Walsh

From George Washington (Mount Vernon) to George W. Bush (Crawford ranch), from FDR (Hyde Park) to JFK (Hyannisport), almost every single president has had a beloved place where he could really be himself. Based on Walsh's

interviews with four of the living presidents, as well as scores of officials and staff, From Mount Vernon to Crawford is a fascinating glimpse into this largely unexamined facet of American government.

Published by Hyperionbooks
hardcover: May 2005; $25.95US/$34.95CAN; 1401301215
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Air Force One:

A History of the Presidents and Their Planes

by Kenneth T. Walsh

Based on interviews with five living presidents, scores of past and present government officials, and staff and crew members of Air Force One, Walsh's book features countless fascinating and often outrageous stories of life aboard the "flying White House."

Published by Hyperionbooks

paperback:  May 2004; $14.95US/$22.95CAN; 0786888199

Also available in hardcover, ISBN: 1401300049

© 2003 by Kenneth T. Walsh.

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Ronald Reagan:

by Kenneth T. Walsh

Political correspondent Kenneth T. Walsh examines the roots of the man who went from small-town middle America to Hollywood and the White House, and tells us how Ronald Reagan developed his unflagging belief in the American dream. 

© 1997 by Random House Value Publishing, Inc.

Feeding The Beast: The White House Versus the Press:

by Kenneth T. Walsh


"Kenneth Walsh has combined his own rich experience with trenchant analysis and a penetrating sense of history to bring us a vital and fascinating portrait of the troubled, complex relationship between our press and our Presidents."


Presidential historian

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